You, your classmates and instructor have been working together over the session as a team. Through discussion board tasks and Individual projects, you have shared thoughts, ideas and information you have learned. It is now time to move forward with future coursework or graduation. Create a farewell speech that includes good memories from class and well wishes for your classmates.

Develop a new 4-5 slide PowerPoint presentation to use in conjunction with your farewell speech.

Include the following slides

  1. Title slide- Include your name, and title of the presentation- notes not needed for this slide
  2. Introduction slide- Introduce your presentation (25-50 words for notes)
    • Include your opener
  3. A slide to list your three main points- Include supporting points (25-50 words for notes)
  4. (Optional) A slide for additional main points- Include supporting points (25-50 words for notes)
  5. Conclusion slide- Summarize key points of the presentation, and be sure to leave your audience with a final thought (25-50 words for notes) 

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