3-4 Page Paper on Information Security Article


I need a 3 page paper written on a informaton security article in  APA format and must be 100% original. Paper must contain at least 3 references. Assignment will be checked in plagiarism for originality before final payment is made. Requirements for Paper and Discussion Questions are below.


Paper Requirements:


Using various Internet sources, Find an article or website on an information security topic that is of interest to you.


Prepare a 2 to 3 page (600+ words) paper evaluating the article or website. Refer to the note on Evaluative Writing below.


Evaluative Writing—requires students to take a stand on the quality of the material being evaluated. Provide an introduction, and select various aspects of the article or website. Describe each aspect, providing comments on the usefulness, validity or appropriateness of the article or website. The evaluation should provide details, examples and/or reasons for your viewpoint.


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